7 Apps Like MangaOwl That Are Worth Downloading to Your Phone!

Top 7 Manga Owl Alternative Apps

You may be interested in checking out the various applications available for reading manga. But which one is the best? Read on for our list of 7 Apps Like MangaOwl that are worth downloading to your phone! In addition to Manga Owl, you should also check out Anime-Town, Crunchyroll, and Honto, which are all free to download on Android devices. Also, via TechiePlus you can find a complete guide on how to download these apps.  These apps are great for comic fans and will make reading manga a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

Here are the Best 7 Apps Like MangaOwl | Manga Owl Alternative

  • Anime-Planet

As an avid anime fan, you’re probably familiar with the differences between MangaOwl and Anime-Planet. These two sites provide resources to read and watch anime and manga online. However, one difference separates these two sites: they adhere to copyright regulations. Piracy is illegal and may result in harsh financial penalties and even jail time. In addition, Manga Owl is much easier to use than Anime-Planet, but you still should keep the latter in mind when making a decision.

  • Anime-Town

If you enjoy reading Japanese comic books, you should try the popular application MangaOwl. It provides unlimited access to thousands of Japanese comic books, and is created by an influential digital publishing company in Japan. It allows you to choose from a wide variety of genres, including action and adventure, sports and romance, and teen manga. Unlike English comic books, manga is usually read from right to left, but can be read sideways or vertically, as well.

  • Crunchyroll

You can find anime on Crunchyroll if you have an interest in Japanese manga and anime. This website is free to use, has tons of content, and is updated regularly. The biggest advantage of Crunchyroll is that it has access to over 15000 hours of Japanese anime and manga. It is safe, too, as it has official permission from the Asian Media to stream the content. Its community is incredibly active.

  • Honto

If you’re a fan of manga and anime, you may be curious to know where to download the best free manga comics. Luckily, MangaOwl is a fantastic alternative. It is free to download, and the website has an easy-to-navigate layout. The best part is that the comics are all in English, so finding them won’t be a problem. Read on to learn about this alternative Manga Owl app.

  • Mangahere

When searching for apps like Comics, Mangahere trumps all the other options. Its interface has improved as well. Its new “download as a single file” feature allows you to download manga in JPEG or RAW formats. Downloaded pages are stored in a single folder with a unique name. The core program has been rewritten to handle multiple downloads at once. You can now select multiple chapters at a time and make changes while downloading. You can even add new chapters in real-time.

  • Mangapark

If you enjoy anime, manga, or other types of animated series, you’ve likely heard about Mangapark. This free app for Android and iOS allows you to read and discuss manga on your phone, or even watch the episodes for free in HD resolution. Like its sister application, Mangapark has a wide variety of manga to choose from, spanning a variety of genres. From romance to action, the app has something for every fan.


While many manga readers have already compared manga websites such as Manga Owl, you should try Coxmixology as well. Both of these sites have similar features. They are both well designed with clean interfaces and feature high-quality image quality. They also offer color versions of manga. And, with 3 servers, Coxmixology is quick to load and provides a seamless reading experience. However, some people may prefer MangaOwl’s ease of use over its numerous flaws.


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