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“”write for us”” is a source that gives you a chance to share your travel experience with us. We gave you a chance to submit your guest post and share details of your travel. Apart from that, if you are a traveler and want to get some information you will get that by looking at the blog post shared by other travelers on our page. 

Just look into the information that we have about traveling and write your travel experience with us. We are open to hearing your thoughts, experience, and some tips from interested people. Our readers want some knowledgeable content that will guide them with the perfect guidance. Your guest post will give you some advantage as well rather than just telling your travel story. You may have a fun tour with friends and family, and at teh end, you will get paid for teh content you are sharing with us.

Write for Us Travel

Topics of articles

  • Write for us to accept travel stories
  • Write about famous destinations, places, and cities
  • Share your own life experience
  • Season guidance about a particular place
  • Traveling tips and guidance
  • Tourist spots
  • Famous places to visit
  • What things should be taken on a trip

We are open to everyone, who wants to get into sharing the guest post and get enthusiastic to share their travel experience in an interesting way that will capture the reader with the storytelling. You may send us your article by clicking on Contact Us or just send us an email at we will review your article, and in case it seems according to our standards we will publish it. Make sure to follow our guidelines before writing an article as a travel guest post.

Guidelines for Write for Us Travel Guest Post

  • The article must be written in the English language with correct grammar and spelling. We will accept only if your article is up to mark
  • The language must captivate the reader and must written in easy language to understand
  • The topic you are selecting for “”write for Us”” must be about travel, your experience while traveling, and guidance in traveling.
  • It should be plagiarism-free and should be written in your own words
  • Do not use an article twice, you must submit a unique article to write for us, as we do not accept one that is published on another travel website
  • There should not be illegal stuff acknowledgment in the article

Link Guidelines for Write for Us + Travel

  • You are allowed to use a link in the author paragraph and it must be used once
  • Keyword-optimized links are not allowed. You must avoid using your text to optimize your website
  • You must share the content via a website link that is generated after uploading to your own social media account, but before publishing you are not allowed to share it, in case shared your content will not be paid

Style Guidelines for Travel Guest Posts, Share Your Travel Experience

Other than the guidelines, you must have your article formatted with the particular scenario, so that the article must be SEO optimized and attract the most audience

  • Keyword must be used in the article
  • Additional keywords must be used in heading 2 and heading 3
  • You must write for us travel guest post in a way to uses the targeted keyword 2 to 3 time, within  the paragraph, in a way that it become a part of the sentence
  • While writing a travel guest post, use keywords in the first paragraph and the last one 
  • Use the related keyword in a way that looks natural, not unnecessary 

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