Hidden places to visit in Goa All You Need To Know Before Goa Tour

Remember, when we all were small and used to ask weird questions from our mother like why is the sun is yellow in colour? Or why red is called red?. The main reason behind these weird questions was “curiosity”. Curiosity to know the reasons, to explore the unexplored arena and these ultimately lead us to acknowledge our desire and curiosity.

Adults are no less curious than children. Goa which is known for its beaches, nightlife, and parties aren’t limited to these only. However, in the past few years, the main visiting places of goa are overcrowded which can spoil your trip. There are many places, beaches, and activities that are unexplored and even unheard of by many people. Many national and international tourists come to hidden places to visit in goa and satisfy their curiosity about exploration.

So, when you visit Goa, do not waste your time and joy in crowded places instead do the opposite and follow our list of top hidden places you must visit in Goa.

  • Harvalem Falls

This scenic, serene, and worth-visiting waterfall is hidden from the visitors. This waterfall is surrounded by dense forest and greenery makes it attractive to the eye especially when the monsoon sets in, on this southwestern coast of Goa. There is also a Lord Shiva temple nearby and the unexplored Arvalem caves that are believed to be abodes of the Pandavas as per the Mahabharata. 

This place is idyllic for picnics and outings. You can sit with your family and enjoy some quality time near the waterfall.

  • Arambol Beach

Goa is known for its beaches but most of the beaches are overcrowded which ruins the beauty of the beaches. Arambol beach is one of those beaches which are unexplored and little known to people. The serenity, placidity, and bewitching beauty of white sand, wooden shacks, and canopy of the palm tree will leave you spellbound once you visit here. 

  • Rivona Caves

Rivona cave is carved out of laterite and is believed to be a place of meditation of a Buddhist monk. These are some of the Buddhist influences visible in Goa today. The insides of the cave have been carved with numerous Buddhist sculptures, paintings that are unique and beautiful. It is easy to get there by road, most people prefer bikes to go to Rivona Cave.

  • Cumbarjua Backwater Canal

Only a few know about the Cumbarjuna Backwater canal which was formed by the merger of the Mandovi and Zuari rivers in Goa which flows through the thick mangrove forests. You can also easily spot crocodiles here. You can enjoy the silent water and greenery of palm trees. If you love untouched places, have a knack for adventure then visit this place once and you will be simply mesmerized. 

  • Netravali

Netravali is located approximately 80 kilometres from Panjim and it is considered a nature lover’s paradise. This lake is known for its uniqueness because some methane deposits are underneath the ground which makes the water surface bubble out. Netravali is mostly uncrowded and calm, which makes it one of the best-hidden places in Goa to visit.

  • Sinquerim Fort

It is located beside the Sinquerim beach in Sinquerim village. Sinquerim Fort is a symbol of grandeur Portuguese architecture and comes under unexplored place in Goa. The exemplary architecture makes it a scenic and picturesque location. You can also do some activities like swimming, fishing, scuba diving and windsurfing here and can make the visit more worthwhile. It is just an hour away from the Goa Airport, So you can easily find and visit this place with your friends and family.

  • Butterfly Beach

Butterfly beach also comes under unexplored beaches in Goa. Earlier beaches like Palolem used to be less crowded but the increasing number of tourists in Goa has ruined the serenity of Palolem beach. However, butterfly beach is still untouched till now, maybe because of its geographical location. You have to rent a boat to reach here since it is surrounded by dense vegetation and covering your journey by car, bike or bike is quite impossible. Being untouched by humans, this place flourished with aquatic animals and creatures. One can easily spot dolphins enjoying the deep blue oceans and beautiful butterflies that give the name to this beach.

  • Chorla Ghats

Chorla ghats is a beautiful destination that is situated at the intersection of the borders of Goa, Karnataka, and Maharashtra. This place is assuredly a must-visit for nature lovers. Mists are common in these areas which make it more aesthetic and refreshing. You can enjoy some activities like Foot trails, Jungle walks, Treks and hikes, Machans and hide, etc. 


This is another best places to visit in goa Tiracol is one of the less known and preserved forts of Goa. Tiracol Fort is 43 km away from Panjim. This Fort holds a fascinating history. Tiracol Fort is a Marathi name Tere Khel which means steep river bank. And this name came from the Terekhol river. Terekhol river flows in an East-west direction and forms a river boundary between Maharastra and Pernem in Goa. although in point of political it is a part of Goa. this was built in the 17th century by the Maratha chiefs and r was passed to the Portuguese and later to the Indian Government in the year 1961. 

After the Goa in 1961 when the Goa librate from the Portuguese, Tiracol fort was in a shambles till 1976. During that time there was a force to develop this Fort into a weekend resort. In the year 1983, the Tiracol fort was brought under the ancient monuments act 1978. Since 1978 this has been a major weekend tourist attraction that escapes you from the hustle and bustle of city life. 

Hope you all enjoy this blog. All are the best places to visit in goa.




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