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Leh Ladakh Trip gives memories for a lifetime. It is also famous for a trekking trips.

Here at we can share top treks during the Leh Ladakh trip.

Ladakh’s best trek

Ladakh is unlike any place in India, a row of skyscraping mountains, snow-clad peaks, unending roads, alpine lakes and meadows, Buddhist culture and many more. Amidst those mountain peaks and everlasting terrains, you will feel a sense of solitude and peace. Ladakh offers ample opportunity to enjoy and relax. You can do trekking, Biking, Camping, River Rafting, Camping, Flora and Fauna, and attend local festivals. It is a unique landscape of the Indian subcontinent in the northernmost part of India. Travellers love to visit this place due to long scenic roads, snow-capped mountains, and different level(from easy to difficult) treks. These are the best treks of Leh Ladakh trip are as follows.

Markha valley trek

Markha is 8 day-long trek with a trek distance of 65 km in the eastern part of the Ladakh district of Jammu and Kashmir. The summit height is about 17,060ft at Kongmaru. You will encounter many streams, national parks, flora and fauna owing to the beauty and wildlife of the place. The Himalayan birds, White leopards, mountain sheep, argali and many more residents of the region. The panoramic view of Stok Kangri and Kang yates peak is rewarding after all the toil done to reach here. The return from the different routes gives the opportunity to explore the more hidden beauty of Ladakh.

6 passes trek

It is! 0 day-long trek with a trek distance of 106 km reaching the maximum height in Changthang district of Ladakh. Trek starts with the base camp in Rumtse village. From Rumtse you will head towards the Tso Moriri trek. The trek is called 6 pass trek as you will cross over 6 massive passes of Changthong valley during the trek. High altitude lakes, Lofty passes, and radiant landscapes make this trek worth exploring.

Sham valley trek

The sham valley is also known as the baby trek is the beginner level trek of 3 days with a trek distance of 32km with a summit height of 3875m. One can go with the family and discover this lower region of Ladakh without facing the harsh weather conditions of the Himalayas. Monasteries, Buddhist culture, and wildlife are thrilling moments. Monasteries, Buddhist culture, wildlife are the thrilling moments you will get to spend on this trek.

Chadar Trek

One of the wonderful and adventurous treks Ladakh endows. Chadar trek is different from the usual trekking experience. It is not trekking the difficult edges of the mountains but on the frozen river. Yes, the chadar trek is the trek on the frozen Zanskar river. It is a 9-day long trek with a trek distance of 62 km reaching the maximum altitude of 11,123ft. The trek starts from the base camp at Leh and you have to stay for 3 days in Leh to adapt to the low temperature according to the government rules at that place. This is a difficult level trek. One must have previous trekking experience before going for this trek. You will experience camping, bonfire, staying in caves, frozen waterfalls and many more wonderful sights. One must visit a uniquely serene trek once in a lifetime.

Chadar Trek, as the name suggests, is a trek on the ice covering of the frozen Zanskar river. Usually, the trek used to be on the sloping mountain terrain or in deep dense forest but to walk on the ice is a challenging and a whole new experience. The trek starts by reaching the district of Leh in Ladakh. Here one has to stay for three days according to rules made by the government in Leh. Zanskar trek is a difficult trek since the temperature falls to -30 degrees Celsius during the night.

Their experience of Chadar remains with you for a lifetime. A few things you do in the Chadar trek are as follows.

Explore Leh-

Before heading towards trekking in the Chadar trek, it is mandatory for everyone to stay in Leh for at least 3 days to acclimate their body to the low temperature. On the third day, a medical test is conducted to check the physical fitness of the body. The three days gives an additional opportunity to explore the District of Leh. Few of the places to visit in Leh are Nubra Valley, Shanti Stupa, Magnetic Hill of Ladakh, Shey Monastery, Hemis, Kargil, Gurudwara Pathar Sahib, Alchi Monastery, Spituk Monastery, Tso Kar, Tanglang La, Sankar Gompa, Shyok Village,  Diskit monastery, Sindhu Darshan festival, villages of Dah and Hanu.

Walk of the Frozen river-

Chadar with the name itself means covering. The covering of ice on the Zanskar river. Initially have patience because walking on ice is a bit tricky. Eventually one learns to walk on it. The merging of ice with the blue water of the Zanskar river is just beautiful. Chadar is one of the most beautiful treks filled with vivid natural beauty. The temperature lowers to negative degrees even during the day.

Stok Kangri trek

Stok kangri has one of the highest summits in the Himalayan range of mountains, at an elevation of 20,100ft. It is a 9-day long trek in the Leh district of Ladakh. It is one of the most challenging treks as you have to bravely survive the subzero temperatures and trek for 7-8 hours even during nights. The summit view is rewarding. You can see the panoramic view of the Karakoram range, Zanskar range and many other snow-capped mountains. 

Interact with the locals-

During the trek, you will get to interact with the locals of the village. How and why do people choose to live in such harsh weather instead of living in other places where living is easier. What they follow, what is the history of the place. The love and respect for their place and culture are divine. The way of living and food is unique, and will not be found in any other part of the world.


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