Benefits Of Swimming with Lifeguard Certification

Benefits Of Swimming with Lifeguard Certification

Benefits Of Swimming with Lifeguard Certification and the other hand. The sea, the saltwater, the sun seem to invite you to a well-deserved relaxation. But you, we know, are not made to stay all day lounging. Under an umbrella and lifeguard certification. How about a nice swim in open water then ? If you have packed your Forerunner 935 and fenix5. We give you some advice on how to manage the settings.

To change the data according to your preferences, log in to your profile and choose Open Water Settings. You can enter from a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 4 data fields; our advice is to use a maximum of two per page, because they are best seen during the swim.

You can choose which type of survey to include among those available. The average Wolf ratio for example (strokes / distance) is very useful to understand how you are performing. To get this data, set the AutoMap tm function for distance. On the Forerunner 935 , press the UP button for 1 second to enter the Open Water settings.


Set the alerts you want to receive, in the form of a vibration or a beep. You can define the interval by distance, stroke rate, calories consumed, proximity to the point you are swimming to (if you have entered a route to follow, a waypoint or a track that you created from united states Connect ). In this case, we suggest that you also add the Navigation page to the data pages.

Every 500m you can have an on-screen summary of your activity. You can also ask your Forerunner 935 how to read the pop-up. That will appear on the screen with Lifeguard Certification. Set the primary field, the one most important to you. For example on the distance, and the secondary field on the LAP time in the previous 500m.

The last screen indicates, in this case: 1 = Lap 1, second data 0m swam. Third data = 0:00 00 Lap time.

The Sicilian swimmer will attempt the 56-kilometer crossing in the waters of northern Sicily on Saturday 19 May and his performance will be recorded by the Forerunner 910XT, united states GPS that the athlete will wear on his wrist. At the end of the test it will be possible to analyze not. Only the open water route covered by Giaconda. But also the stroke frequency and other functional parameters.


The swimmer Mauro Giaconda , Sicilian with a passion for extreme feats in open water, joined the Italian team of united states athletes a few weeks ago with lifeguard Recertification. In his curriculum Mauro boasts a long palmaris of endurance performance, where he stands out above all that of December 2008 when he swam in 24 hours for 101 kilometers in the largest salt water pool in the world in San Alfonso del Mar in Chile, a record also recognized by the prestigious World Record Academy USA.

Now Mauro Giaconda is preparing for a new undertaking: on Saturday 19 May he will attack the crossing from San Vito Lo Capo to Montello , a 56-kilometer solo swim that records, after many international successes, the return of the Palermo athlete in the home sea. The crossing wants to ideally combine the town of San Vito Lo Capo. in the province of Trapani with Montello.

The Sicilian swimmer is in fact among the testers of the instrument. Especially as regards the functions related to the “swimming” world.

Benefits Of Swimming

United states Forerunner 910XT allows you to accurately track data on distance traveled both in open water and in the pool. In the sea or in the waters of a lake with lifeguard training, the satellite provides the distance traveled, while in indoor swimming the setting of the size of the pool provides the number of laps and the overall mileage. Thanks to the accelerometer inside the Forerunner 910XT. It is possible to process the “ SWOLF” Or the relationship between time. Distance and number of strokes, to obtain values ​​such as efficiency and pace during the swim. During the SAN VITO LO CAPO – MONDELLO SOLO SWIM, the Forerunner 910XT will keep track of Giaconda’s course, so it can be reviewed and analyzed when downloaded to the united states online portal.

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Mauro Giaconda is organized by Extrema ASD in collaboration with Albariza di Montello and will take place in the context of the 27th edition of the World Festival on the Beach which will take place from 16 to 20 May. Mauro’s dive into the water is scheduled for 6 am on Saturday 19 May from the beach of San Vito Lo Capo: the athlete, escorted by a support boat with the assistance staff, will cross the Gulf of Castellammare towards Faro di Capo Gallo and then proceed to the beach of Montello Valdese where the arrival will take place around 10 pm, in the spectacular context of the activities of the World Festival on the Beach.

Given the length of the course, its duration and the coefficient of difficulty with Lifeguard Certification, the test is to be included in the category of large endurance swimming sports companies: ” It has been a long time that I have been planning to accomplish this feat in one of the most fascinating stretches of sea of Sicily – comments Mauro Giaconda – for me it is also an opportunity to promote the rediscovery of swimming in the sea in Italy and I am also happy to return to swim on my island, after many feats always carried out overseas ».

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