As a bride-to-be, you’ll say yes to more than just the proposal. Since every small detail comes together to create the wedding of your dreams, there are a lot of decisions to make, and saying yes to the dress is right up there with choosing your partner. An online body type calculator is specially designed to help you out in this manner. Your wedding day is your moment to be the center of attention, whether you’re walking down the aisle, dancing your first dance,  with your guests. As a result, appropriate attire is required for this historic occasion.

We understand that looking for a wedding gown can feel like hunting for a needle in a haystack – there are so many various styles, shapes, and sizes to choose from that it can be difficult to know where to begin. Instead of worrying about what’s fashionable or what you saw on a model in a magazine, go out and try on every bridal gown that catches your eye.

In this article, you will find out How to get the best wedding dress for your body shape? So, let’s pop down!

Hourglass Body Type

An hourglass shape bride has a smaller waist and a bust and hips that are the same or about the same size. A fit and the flare wedding dress is a terrific choice if you want to show off your curves. If you want to cover specific parts, a ball gown or an A-line wedding dress is a good option. In case you still find it difficult to make a choice for you, subject to a free online body shape calculator.

It is a good choice not to add any extra weight to your bust and hips because they’re already well-balanced. Ballgown, empire, and princess-style gowns with wider skirts should be avoided since they might make you appear larger in these areas and make your form look less beautiful.

Full-Figured Body Type:

Finding the perfect wedding gown for a full-figured or curvy bride might be challenging, but you don’t need to worry if you follow the perfect wedding dress shopping tips. Anything with an empire waist will look beautiful on you, especially if you want more coverage. A trumpet wedding gown is similar to a mermaid gown, with the exception that trumpet gowns flare at the mid-thigh. A lovely sheath gown can make you appear taller and longer. But for the best choice to make, you must use an online body type calculator for women. 

Wedding Dresses For Petite Bridesmaids

Textiles that are smooth, monochromatic, and have layered flow and vertical accents are great. Adding heavy accessories to your shape tends to make it heavier. A thinner A-line silhouette highlights your curves and lengthens your frame, whereas a ball gown, wedding gown may be too much for a smaller figure. Keep in mind that a free online body type calculator also assists you in making a choice for a wedding suit that best fits your figure.

Gowns For Pear-Shaped Figures At Weddings

When shopping for the perfect wedding gown for your body type, focus on the body’s embellishments and features that will highlight your waistline while also helping to even out the curve of your hips. Wear a fit-and-flare wedding gown in a fashionable and comfortable fabric to show off your hips and body if you want to draw attention to your best features. Moreover, an online body figure calculator also provides you another edge in selecting a gown in case you are having a pear-shaped body.

Dresses For Athletic Body Types At Weddings

Find a beautiful silhouette like a slimming A-line or fit-and-flare wedding dress if you’re a bride with an athletic shape. A unique neckline, swirls of beading and embellishments, and a tiered skirt all combine to give your silhouette visual appeal. A halter top or strapless wedding gown will show off your beautiful arms and shoulders. The body shape calculator also gives you an idea about the best wedding dress fit according to your body shape. Is not it a good offer?

Dresses For Full-Chested Figures At Weddings

If you have a large bust, look for wedding gowns with wide straps or sleeves to conceal bra straps while also supporting your bust. Choose your neckline carefully to select the ideal wedding gown for your body type. Sweetheart, portrait, or even off-the-shoulder necklines can conceal strapless bras while appealing to your natural contours.

Choose a bridal gown with a corset or a higher back. These bridal gowns can conceal a bra while still offering additional support. Illusion can still be worn, simply wear nude clothing underneath for hidden support. If you have a full chest but also have small hips and slender legs, this is the outfit for you. If it still disturbs you, try using a body shape calculator. 

The Oval Shape

An oval body shape, also known as the apple body type, is defined by a larger breast, narrow hips, and a fuller torso. Your body is more rounded, and your legs and limbs are typically slender. Halter or high-neck gowns will immerse you in the breast area, leaving little to no definition in your other areas. Avoid dresses with pleat patterns that draw attention to your waist because they are less body-flattering.

Dresses with a straight or modest curve, such as empire or A-line dresses, are a good choice. In these styles, flared skirts that flow through the waistline will give the illusion of a curvier and more balanced shape.


There are numerous options available for bridesmaid dresses, but the most important thing is to feel at ease. Using a body shape calculator is critical. It informs you of your exact body shape and waist-to-hip ratio so you can find the appropriate piece of apparel for you. Your bridesmaids are as important to you as you are to them, and the right dress gives them the confidence and grace to feel special at this moment.


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