Is EZDERM Software Still A Solid EHR if we Ignore its Mobile Nature?

EZDERM Software

EZDERM software is an EHR system that is targeted towards dermatologists. EZDERM wants to revolutionize the way practices work and create a practice of the future. The EZDERM software is entirely web-based and iOS ready. This translates into giving providers the ability to access patient data, update notes, complete documentation, and do everything else from basically any place that has a working internet connection. 

This article aims to help you figure out whether or not EZDERM is the right fit for you. Chances are if you’re considering EZDERM, you want a mobile EHR solution. However, both of us know that there’s so much more to consider while picking an EHR. Since you’re going to be heavily reliant on your EHR, it’s essential to know what other people who rely on EZDERM software think and to learn from their experiences. Moreover, pricing has a significant role in this decision. 

About Ezderm Software

Most importantly, however, is our natural tendency to overlook and disregard certain crucial features and flaws just because the software has the one key thing we want. In EZDERM’s case, it’s mobility; the software comes iPhone-ready and is accessible through any web browser. It’s crucial here not to get tunnel-visioned on just one feature. Taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture will save us from future regret. Is EZDERM a good dermatology EHR? And we need to answer this question without bringing in the fact that it’s mobile. 

That is precisely what this article will do. It will answer the question, is EZDERM software a good dermatology EHR, and will do so without bringing up its mobile nature. Another way to look at this is when we make a pros and cons list. We often have that one pro that outweighs all cons, and sometimes there’s this one con that we just can’t cope with. So it’s always better to take these heavyweight factors out of the equation. 

With that said, let’s get right into it. 

EZDERM Software Reviews

Reading user reviews is an excellent way for us to manage our expectations. By being aware of possible drawbacks, quirks, and faults, you’ll be better able to make a good decision. 

With that said, instead of adding complete reviews here, I took up the labor of going through dozens of EZDERM user reviews and creating a pros and cons list. This was no easy feat, keeping in mind that almost every user loved EZDERM’s mobile nature and not much else. Therefore, as I mentioned above, this article will remain impartial to EZDERM’s portable nature. 


“Customer support is far better than anything else that I’ve ever experienced.”

A lot of users have appreciated the quick response they got from EXDERM’s customer service team. Moreover, users felt that customer support solved their problems promptly.

“Frequent updates and user feedback is acted upon.”

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, users found that the support staff fixed the bugs they experienced throughout the software through updates. In addition, EZDERM also included their suggestions in newer versions. 

It’s important to note that since EZDERM is a web-based application, updates are free and require little to no downtime. 

“The body map is by far the best feature of the EZDERM  software.”

EZDERM has an exclusive 3D body map interface that allows users to document patient encounters through accurately assigned codes efficiently. 

“Training was excellent, and I got used to the software quickly.”

EZDERM already has an intuitive system that’s very user-friendly. A lot of reviews commend their training and demos as well. One user went as far as saying that they were able to operate the system only after 1 ( out of a total of 4 ) training session. This just goes to show how practical training sessions are and how easy to use the software is. 


Not very customizable, takes a bit of getting used to.”

EZDERM is a specialty EHR solution and caters to dermatology practices. In theory, it should work for other specialties, but all of its features are pivoted towards dermatology, and the software lacks customizability for different specialties. Moreover, the troubling part is that this user found the billing section a little cumbersome. 

The customer response is a little slow, but they always have relevant information.”

There are two sides to every story. For example, some users praise EZERM’s customer service while others are unhappy with the quality of customer support. However, it should be noted that the number of users who claim the latter is relatively minimal as compared to users satisfied with EZERM’s customer service. 

Patients sometimes highlight errors in billing, and that is quite frustrating. But, unfortunately, the customer support team does not respond promptly.”

Many users have complained about EZDERM’s billing services. However, it’s pretty unclear whether these are isolated events that happened because of user error or a significant flaw in the software. Moreover, this is also an excellent example of how a user finds an otherwise outstanding service lacking. 

Final Words

User reviews are to be taken with a grain of salt. Not all are highly accurate in depicting what the experience will be like for you. Even when looking at them from afar, it should not be forgotten that these are not subjective in nature, and user preference, past experiences, and even budget play a significant role. For example, solo-practices might find 1000 dollars a month quite expensive and would expect a lot from the EHR solution. On the other hand, large-scale practices might consider the same 1000 dollar option to be quite economical.

All that you should take away from this is caution. If you decide to go with EZDERM software, you might have issues with billing and might have problems with an otherwise stellar customer service team. 

All in all, EZDERM software is a solid EHR solution for dermatologists. It has all the features that a modern dermatology practice requires. 

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