How To Do Simple Text Animation? Everything You Need To Know

Simple text animations are not really considered as rocket science in the animation world. But for someone who doesn’t have much experience, a tutorial or 2 could be needed. Still, It’s not the hardest part when animating. 

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In this article, we are going to teach you how to create a simple letter animated text, what Software’s are recommended to use for beginners and everything else you might need to know about text animation:

  1. What is text animation?
  2. When to use text video animation?
  3. Best video maker software’s to use for text animations
  4. How to create professional looking animated text videos
  5. Conclusion

What is Text Animation?

Maybe it sounds silly that we are explaining what “text animation” is, but we are going to do it anyway. Letter or Text animation, is creating moving letters or moving already created letters, words or paragraphs. In computer graphics and animation, this relates to making specific and coordinated moves, that your text should follow. There are many different styles on how to do it, many different special effects, different font choices, tool or software choices and professionally designed templates. You can choose from 2D or 3D text animations and letters. In this article, We are going to cover all of them to help you out as much as we can, to do your work with ease. That way, you can create fun and stylish, or professional looking animated text videos for your brand, for somebody else’s brand or just for fun. After all, text can quickly become pretty boring without a little animation boost. 

When To Use Text Animation Videos?

Text animation used in lots of different situations. You can hardly miss with it, as it makes every animated video more fun to watch. For example, in professional television, presentations and pitches, there are many text animation styles and marketing techniques. Of course, that doesn’t mean text animation used only for advertising and persuasion. 

Why Should I Add Text Animation To My Videos?

It’s often animated to create engaging transitions from one topic to the other, to emphasize important and valuable info. (For example, you have surely seen an ad for a store, that bounces their “50% off” text on the whole screen. You just can’t miss it and even if It’s annoying to you, it still catches your attention and that is the goal). You can also create professionally designed text animation for a kids cartoon, show or even a YouTube video. Considering you are reading this article, you know what you will use the information for. After all, there is no such thing as rules on why should you use animated text in your videos. It’s fun! It’s engaging and more likely to be enjoyed by the audience. That way you can send a message more obviously. Enhancing your social media accounts like Facebook or Instagram with it is also not a bad idea.  

Best video maker software’s to use for text animations

Of course, before you start to add text and effects, edit, upload or animate your text video, you have to choose a software that you’ll be using for your editing. Many software’s that we’ll cover, have plugins or tool sets to help you with animated text videos, which can be very helpful for beginners. We will also talk about how to create and customize your own animated text video without using any presets or pre-made format styles. 

After Effects:

Starting with one of the most popular animation software’s, used for a variety of projects including (but absolutely not limited to) animated text videos. The software has countless plugin options (free and paid) for many different types of animation. In one of our previous blog posts, we wrote about the best After Effects Plugins. Adobe After Effects can be a really great video maker choice for beginners, because it already has many pre-made format and templates styles that you can choose from, add text to your video, do your editing and create professional looking animated text videos.

Best Plug-Ins For Animated Text videos:

  • Text Force
  • Text Split and Animate
  • Text delay
  • Animated Text Block
  • Monkeywords
  • AM Typewrite Text


We are not Adobe Affiliate Associates and we are not promoting their products for financial gain. 



Being one of the best online video maker and logo animation Software’s, we did not hesitate to include it in the list. Our last post was a complete review of RenderForest, so go check it out for the best insight. The software includes a modern animated text generator for stylish and visually pleasing animated text video projects. They provide professionally designed typography templates with their animated scenes, that you can use to make an impression on your audience. 

Best Pros:

  1. It’s User Friendly:

With Renderforest, you don’t have to be an expert in editing texts and colors. Once you start using the tool options, you get the hang of it pretty quickly.

  1. Huge Collection of Pre-Made Template options:

With more than 500 different text videos, tool options, template options, stunning images, colors and top notch font styles, you can really outperform your competitors or take your game to the next level.

  1. Access to the Library and Editor from your browser, as well as the ability to download content right to your computer.


In the world of text animation service, there are many different elements to choose from and to implement in your videos. Luckily for everyone, online video maker software’s open that option to complete beginners, to start with a good base for animating. Creating a YouTube video for example,  done with ease to grow your recognition and share your work with people across the globe. A good thing is that many free text generator options exist, with many font, template, image and color variations to choose from.

After the stunning text video is finally done, you share it anywhere you want online, to spread around your message. Although free text generator variations can be found, some paid ones can help you out even more with bigger collections of templates to choose from.
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