Boys become men, BelAmi’s former sweetie Mick Lovell has finally grown up!

American independent film actor Mick Lovell (Mick Lovell) under the Slovak independent film company BelAmi is the first American angel to sign a contract in the company’s history. In 2011, 21-year-old Mick Lovell signed a contract with BelAmi. Make history.

Mick Lovell is the one who ate the genetic lottery, because he has a sweet look and a perfect height of 1.87 meters, a muscular figure and a blonde hair. He is exactly the appearance of a Barbie doll.

Mick Lovell has a big advantage. He speaks English very well. At that time, BelAmi of Slovakia was planning to enter the American market. Kind and lovely character and personality charm, he was very popular just after his debut. The company tailored for him “American Lovers”, “American Boyfriend” and other English movies, each of which was a hot hit at the time, even to this day Still regarded as a classic.

Some people say that Mick Lovell is a realistic version of Barbie. He has blond hair and blue eyes, and his mouth is like a bunny. He is sweet and cute, and satisfies all people’s thoughts about American sweethearts.

Unfortunately, in 2017, Mick Lovell and BelAmi had experienced a seven-year itch.

At that time, Bel Ami’s subscription continued to decline with the prevalence of online piracy, many of its angels left the nest, and Mick Lovell did not renew his contract, and decided to return to the United States to live an ordinary life.

He announced his retirement on social media at the time and left Slovakia. He has since disappeared and disappeared.

Recently, Mick Lovell, who has disappeared for nearly five years, returned to social networking sites. Although he did not continue to sign with BelAmi but communicated with fans in his own name, he still received a warm welcome.

He changed from a boy to a man in five years, with a small beard. He became masculine, handsome and charming. His natural and beautiful figure is better than before. The only flaw is that he is a little bald and his hairline is moved back. serious.

But in any case, it is still amazing to see his return. He is a legend of our time, and I also want to sigh, Mick Lovell has finally grown up!

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