What should you know about door-knocking in real estate?

Door-knocking is a traditional way of finding new real estate listings. It’s an old-school method that still holds value because it allows you to find leads that aren’t available elsewhere. For example, people may be inactive on social media or need to be made aware of the modern marketing methods in real estate, but knocking on their doors and sharing promotional materials will get them interested.

But is door knocking effective, and if so, what are its benefits? Find out all that and more in this article.

What is door-knocking in real estate?

Door-knocking is the practice of going out and knocking on doors to find people looking to sell their houses. It’s an excellent way to find leads, but it can also be effective in other ways. For example, you can do this as a cold call, calling someone who didn’t express interest in selling their home. You could also contact people who have already expressed interest in selling their homes.


It is an effective way to build trust and allows you to share your personal story with them. It’s also a great way for realtors who are new in town or have a small client base (or both) to make themselves known within their community without spending money on advertising or marketing campaigns first, which means more time spent finding buyers/sellers!

Social media can be an excellent resource for people who are actively looking for homes and are open to being contacted by a real estate agent. But many others need to be added to social media or aware of the modern marketing methods in the industry. So, door-knocking allows you to reach and connect with potential clients on their turf instead of having someone else do it for you (like an MLS ad).

Tips for door knocking in real estate

Get the timings right

It would be best if you always knocked on doors in the morning. It’s better for you, and it’s better for homeowners. They’re less likely to be busy, and you want to keep their afternoon going!

Dress appropriately

If you’re going door-knocking in real estate, make sure that you dress appropriately. Show up looking like someone who cares about their appearance. That will create a positive first impression with whoever answers the door (and hopefully leads to a positive second impression).

However, you should avoid wearing stiff and formal clothes because they will make you uncomfortable throughout the day and interfere with your work. Casual business attire works perfectly for door-knocking.

Have a script ready

Have a script ready beforehand so that when someone answers, they won’t be caught off guard by any questions or comments. It’s a good idea to prepare between 3-5 questions beforehand.

Sending real estate postcards

Real estate postcards are a marketing tool that you can use to reach potential buyers, and you should use them once your real estate business expands. With more customers, door-knocking will become almost impossible because of the sheer volume of work.

Postcards are a great way to advertise your listings. They can also be mailed out to a large group of people at once, which makes them an efficient way to advertise your services.

You can hire direct mail marketing companies that specialize in sending postcards. They will organize the entire postcard marketing campaign for you, including postcard templates, mailing the postcards, tracking their delivery, and informing you once they reach their destination.

Is door knocking efffective? Yes, it is! It helps you find real estate leads and listings and is especially useful if you’re looking for people who need to be more active on social media or need to learn about modern marketing methods in real estate. It allows you to reach out directly to potential clients who may need to be aware of your services, which can mean more sales! However, to get the best results, consider combining it with direct mail marketing methods such as sending postcards.

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