Why Brother Printer won’t Turn On? [Resolved]

How do I fix Brother Printer Doesn’t Turn On?

In this article, we’ll provide five specific steps to resolve the issue that the Brother printer not turning on. Therefore, follow and implement these steps in the manner described below to resolve this printer issue:

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Method 1 – Disconnect and connect the Power Cable

The first thing you must do is unplug and reconnect the power cable to the printer. Sometimes, because of weak connections, you can see this issue in the printer. Therefore, make sure connections are linked to your printer and to the power source module. If not, you must connect them. To do this, follow these steps below:

  1. Unplug the cable from the Brother printer as well as from your power supply.
  2. Give it several seconds
  3. Then you connect the printer’s electrical power supply to the printer. then hit to power the Brother printer to determine whether the light indicator is blinking or not.

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Unplug the USB 

If the earlier steps didn’t help, then you may try disconnecting from the USB connection that is located at the rear of your Brother printer. After disconnecting it try to switch on the printer and see if the printer is open and operates normal.

These are the five methods to help you fix the issue “Brother printer will not turn on”. Follow these steps carefully and go through each one at a time to fix this issue on your device.

Procedure 2 – Double-check your Power Cable and Printer’s Power Button

Sometimes you may encounter the “Brother printer will not turn on” error could occur because the power cable has been damaged. So, it is important to determine whether the power cable is broken or damaged. Remove the power cord from the outlet power supply and examine it for obvious damage. If you notice any damage you need to replace it as soon as you can.

After looking at the power cable it is important to determine whether the Brother printer’s Power button has been broken or is not. If so, attempt to fix it right away.

Install the Ink Cartridges

If you’re checking if the cartridge for ink is incorrectly installed and you find that it’s not properly placed, you will need this solution. Follow the instructions below for the procedure to be completed.

  • Access the ink cartridge area on Your Canon printer.
  • Check for dust particles.
  • Clean the area. Get the cartridge out of the tray.
  • Then wait for a few minutes before re-placing the cartridge in the appropriate spot.

Then, turn on the Canon printer and see whether the same error keeps showing. If not, then the issue has been resolved. In the event that it is not, you are asked to move to the next solution.

Solution 2: Clean Up

If error 5100 continues to be a problem it is possible to give this hack a shot. It is necessary to take care to clean certain areas of the Canon printer. Find out how to clean your printer.


  • Then, open the cover on the front of the Canon printer.
  • Make sure there is no dust particles over there.
  • There are also items like fragments of papers, bits of debris or even a clips. Take them away if they are found.
  • Make sure the area is cleaned up with the proper maintenance.

Then, check whether the error 5100 is visible. If it disappears, it could be because of dirt and all. However, if it remains you can give the next option a shot.

Fix 3: Take a Look at the Timing Strip

If none of the previous solutions worked for your Canon printer If you’re not sure, you could attempt this fix. You must examine the timing strip and discover if dirt or dust is attached to it. The timing strip as a black object that is located at near the top of the belt that drives you Canon printer.

Also, check out a second strip that is very similar to that of the time strip. It has black lines. Make sure that the strip is covered in dirt or ink over it. Clean it up with a clean and dry cloth.

The printer should now be started and try printing something. The issue should have been resolved after these remedies.

It is hoped that after completing the steps in a controlled manner, Canon printer error 5100 is resolved for your printer. If the issue persists, you need to seek the help of a professional tech expert to remove this issue on your Canon printer with no trouble.

HTML1 Method 3 – Make sure the printer is clean

In the event that you come across any kind of short circuit, it could indicate indications that your cartridge could be leaky. Therefore, it is advised to wash it thoroughly. After this, verify whether the issue is fixed or not.

Step 4: Check the Cartridge and Print the Head

Remove the printhead and check the printhead. If the cartridge is dry and you’re printing documents and going through the cycle of cleaning the printer The printer could get too hot and your print nozzles may catch the fire.

Therefore, remove the print head, and then disconnect the power for at least an hour. After an hour, turn on the printer, but do not install your print head. After that test if the printer has resolved the problem or it doesn’t.

The printer should now be started and try printing something. The issue should have been resolved after these remedies.


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